For 15 years Taxi Burgas has been successfully operating in the Burgas' taxi service, having gained its leading position in the city of Burgas. That is why many companies and taxi drivers try to imitate the company, both by copying the design of the logo and by including misleading information on their website, in order to trick the more careless customers. There is almost no website of another taxi company that does not include Taxi Burgas in the description of their main page.
Taxi Burgas wants to warn its customers to be more careful about which car they get on and which website they trust because we cannot take responsibility for dishonest drivers of other companies. Very often other drivers show lower rates for taxi transport, however, after the completion of the service, they ask for a higher price than the one advertised. Take great care.
If you are travelling by one of our cars and you forget something in it you could inform us using one of our telephone numbers or fill the lost belongings form on our website. We will do everything possible to recover the lost item. We cannot guarantee that this would be the case for cars of other taxi companies.
Here, we will try to protect you by posting pictures of cars that imitate us in some way and use the words Burgas and Taxi without having anything to do with our company.

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