About us

Taxi Burgas was founded at the beginning of 2009. The company is created by already proven taxi drivers from the city of Burgas in order to improve the service and trust between the customer and the driver. It has been operating since March 30, 2009. It has been ratified and has vehicles that are clean and in excellent technical condition. The drivers are honest and attentive, with extensive experience, which guarantees good service from professionals.
In 2014, the company made structural changes to improve the service.
In 2015, Taxi Burgas introduced an electronic ordering system, both through the dispatch center and through the Andromix Taxi mobile application. With the help of this system, the dispatch center can precisely control the acceptance and execution of orders. Subsequently, a modern digital telephone exchange was introduced to make it easier for customers to submit orders.
Over the years Taxi Burgas have successfully partnered with many companies from different industries, with which we have built a very good working environment and mutual trust. We are always ready to accept new challenges. For over 15 years we have been leaders in the taxi service in Burgas.
The management of Taxi Burgas Ltd. strictly monitors the quality of the offered services and strives to look for feedback for improving the working relationship with clients and partners.

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